Public services hosted and provided by Byzantine Fault.

Network Status Dashboards

Network dashboards for proof-of-work and proof-of-authority networks.

Reporting the node status is a voluntary process and the dashboard does not reflect the entire network. Adding a node to the dashboard requires an ethstats-client and a secret. To obtain the secret, please ask on Discord, Gitter, or message se‌cr‌et@fa‌u‌ briefly describing your node and the network.

Chain-Split Monitoring

A fork monitoring dashboard that observes different implementations and/or versions of a certain protocol and compares their chain head's parameters.

The python app is available on github/byz-f/fork-monitor.

Public Test-Mining Pools

Test-mining pools allow for testing mining and pool software as well as hardware. The following pools do not conduct any payouts and are for testing purposes only.

The pool code is available on github/open-etc-pool.

Public API endpoints

The following endpoints expose HTTP-RPC APIs.

  • Kotti Classic testnet:
  • Mordor Classic testnet:
  • Ethereum Classic mainnet:

Terms of Service

The services offered by Byzantine Fault GmbH are free as in free beer and provided as they are. There is no guarantee for uptime or accuracy of data. Everyone is allowed to fairly use the services at their own risk.

Privacy Policy

No user data is being collected. No cookies are provided. This website works without any analytics. Enjoy!

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